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Ceramic Mini Square-Ish Plates Perfect for Banchan

This dish is so beautiful and unique, it will make your heart melt. Made of hand-painted ceramic with an earthy texture, you can feel the quality, and you won't want to use it.. BUT YOU SHOULD! Beautiful dishes should be used and memories should be made with these. It's perfect for your dinner table or to use to hold appetizers, small bites, banchan and sushi! 
I love making sushi at home. I buy my raw fish from H-Mart or Uwajimaya and cut it myself at home. There's something quite different about making it at home and cutting the raw fish myself. Also, it's much cheaper! I love trying to recreate the amazing dining experience at home, especially for special occasions.
Why will these ceramic mini square-ish plates become your favorite kitchen item?
  • They just feel so delicate and precious
  • You'll want to use them for display
  • Guests will go "o0o0h"
  • Memories will be made with these dishes and you'll be able to pass them down for generations.
I'd love to see what you use your mini pot for! Please tag me @kyootkitchen

Eat kyoot, love!